Application Procedure

iudex World Records  invites people across the world to make their own record-breaking dream a reality. It is an ocean of hope and vision, where breaking records are those high tides, which are documented and awarded in its several editions. Regardless of the age, caste, colour, religion and ethnicity, iudex World Records stands strong for the humanitarian values and deeds and lists the worthy ones in their editions. Professionalism and integrity are its tools to reach the goals. There is a place for everyone in multiple editions like Gold, Silver, India, Kids and Online Star 2022, where an application can be applied for the registration and to initiate the process further. Once applied, applicants are provided detailed information about the entire procedure of being published.


Certificate Presentation

Any attempt that is successfully accepted as having broken and/or set a record can be awarded an exclusive iudex World Records certificate in recognition of the achievement. It is at iudex World Records sole discretion which records are accepted to be published in the iudex World Records. Editorial decisions of iudex World Records are final.



List of Documents