Unique Document Identification Number is an authenticated verification tool for the validity of a certified document of iudex.

iudex is one of recognized brands at international scenario as international Law Firm and has been working in various verticals across the world. The Latin word iudex connotes the sense of accuracy, judge along with multiple meanings as decider, umpire or juror. Being International Law firm, it has been associated with Alma World  assists other wings as World Book of Records Limited, UK, , Alma World Limited, UK World Book of Record Foundation ,India, Alma World Limited, UK, Quality Certification Limited, UK and World Record Book Limited, UK. Apart from this, Iudex has collaborated with verification process of World Book of Records and publication entities of Alma Today, Alma Times as print and news portals. The Iudex follows the motto of nemo iudex in causa sua-the Latin phrase means ‘nobody shall be judge in his own case’. Iudex collaborates with as Verification Entity Quality Certification which is a globally authorized company for quality control and performance grading through verification, assessment and audit by Quality Certification Limited UK.  It is a certification division for quality and control in products and services of corporate world. Quality Certification dedicates to improve individual, organizational and social performance.

Unique ID and Unique ID Certification

Unique Document Identification Number is an authenticated verification tool for the validity of a document. It has been noticed to the Institute that financial documents/certificates attested by third person misrepresenting themselves as members are misleading the authorities and stakeholders. To curve the malpractices, the Technology Development Committee of iudex has implemented an innovative concept of UDIN Unique Document Identification Number to secure the certificates/documents attested/certified by the organization. This will enable the people to check the authenticity of the documents. Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) is 04-Digits system generated unique number for every document certified/attested by iudex.

Algorithm of UDIN the UDIN format will be 04 digits

Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) is 04-Digits system generated unique number for every document certified/attested by the organization. UDIN portal and can generate UDIN. No document is required to be uploaded for generating UDIN. The generated UDIN can be used for mentioning on the Certificate for which it has been generated either by printing (watermarked) the same or can be handwritten. If it is being handwritten, it can be mentioned after Signatures and Membership Number of the Member.

At Verify UDIN option, mention the UDIN number & some details like authorities’ name, mobile, email, details of the document will appear. In case document is revoked, System-generated email/SMS will be sent to the Regulators and third parties who have already viewed the documents so that they can be aware about the revocation of documents.

Certification number means the unique identification number issued by the iudex to each for each location. Each certification number shall consist of a 04 digit Arabic number preceded by the S letter and followed by a two letter abbreviation for the type of activity or activities that the HOLDER is qualified to in accordance with parameters of iudex.

Looking to verify a certification? Just enter the certificate number and last name below to find out if a certification is valid. The certificate number can be found on the certificate itself. (Helpful hint: the certificate number is made up of 10 numeric digits and a capital letter S, as in “Sun “, as the 10th digit.) If you don’t have the certificate number, please feel free to contact our certification team at +919939 50000.




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