Santosh Shukla
President iudex

With all our commitment to hard work, desire for innovation

Iudex has evolved itself into a robust, dynamic and forward looking industry in the course of the last few years. The Company owes its indebtedness to you for your constant support and encouragement that have inspired a momentum within us to go ahead with our dreams. We envision a bright future for our great nation and strive hard to achieve the same through synergy, innovation and hard work in our chosen sphere. What we are at iudex, today is a result of thousands of hands working together to build this company that in turn serves the nation in its growth and development. iudex is one of the recognized brands at international scenarios and has been working in various verticals across the world. iudex works in social, cultural, educational, environment, quality certification and many other domains of business    The Latin word iudex connotes the sense of accuracy, judgement along with multiple meanings as decider, umpire or juror.

As in the existing scenario of the world, each organization, regardless of industry, has unique concerns and considerations, which means that the type and extent of their documentation should be developed to suit their unique business needs. Some brands might prescribe very little with regards to “documented information”, and there are no longer a minimum of required procedures, or even the requirement for a quality manual.

At this exciting hour, when we are on the threshold of the premium segment in the industry, I would like to thank all our associates for their continued co-operation. With all our commitment to hard work, desire for innovation, and an ambition to be the best, the future belongs to us.

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