World Book of Records (WBR)

World Book of Records (WBR) is an international organization that catalogue, make documents, listing and verifies world records involving setting new records or breaking previous records across the world with authentic certification.

It is a paramount international organization inspiring people to showcase their talent. Apart from these, it will honor those personalities and places that are doing outstanding contribution for the betterment of society across the world. It collaborates with other international entities to promote the cause of quality and performance certification as the form of world Standardization Certification. Besides, it will support the cause of social, educational and philanthropic activities to motivate people in general and business organizations in particular through quality performance. Besides, it invites talented individuals, significant institutions, and places of unique interest across the world to be recorded. It also honours and lists the unique achievements of individuals and organizations.


World Book of Records incorporated in USA, UK & INDIA as – World Book of Records INC. (UBI Number – 604 249 116), Washington (United States of America), World Book of Records (CN – 10670635), Government of England  (United Kingdom), World Record and Quality Certification Limited (CN – 12246938) Government of England (United Kingdom), ISBN 978-81-924811-0-4, International ISBN Agency, London England (United Kingdom), World Book of Records – CIN – U74996MP2017NPL042166 (Government of India), World Book of Records, Australia – Company Number – 10670635, ALMA TODAY is a mouthpiece of World Book of Records Publication – RNI No. MPHIN/2015/64649 (Government of India)

The vision of the World Book of Records (WBR) will be to pave the way for a healthy competitive ambience to expose the talent and potential of human beings. With support of the cause of Universal Peace and Environmental awareness through socio-cultural activities. The mission of the World Book of Records (WBR) will be to provide an open opportunity to individuals and organizations surfacing out their potential, performance and sustainable enhancement along with support the universal activities of sustainable development. It has become a prominent organization in the global scenario. The organization employs official records and it invites everyone, anywhere in the world to make their dreams, achievement, and pursuance a record-breaking reality.



The vision of International Quality Certification Limited is to strengthen every business sector and area of economic activity through authenticated certification that creates greater levels of assurance, creating confidence and driving performance. With the help of our certificate clients get global exposure.



The mission of International Quality Certification is to promote and galvanize quality control , performance, managements skills, contribution and achievements of corporate, human rights, NGOs, educational sectors and other bodies those involve in socio-economic development across the world through our continues improvement programme.


Our Policy


To help validate the expertise and experience International Quality Certification Limited of partners, software users, customers and professionals who are looking to be placed in a World Record and Quality Certification Limited environment.

To aim to provide customers with the ability to interact upon a common quality control, managerial skills, performance skills and other attributions along a comprehensive application range.

To provide a globally recognized business platform for corporate, human rights, NGOs, educational sectors and other bodies those involve in socio-economic development across the world in various functional fields.

To maximize potential of quality control of social, economical and environmental organizations.

To maximize the efforts of sustainable development in all spheres of corporate sector across the world through holistic approach.

To work for upliftment of society and moral values through activities of mankind.

To provide the highest level of service for a wide variety of legal cases.

To safeguard consumers and the end-users of products and services, ensuring that certified products conform to the minimum standards set internationally.

To conducts autonomous job-oriented educational courses seminars, workshops, symposia and international conferences to interact its respective members.