Award Ceremony was attended by prominent personalities, businessmen and corporate leaders of 50 countries.

CAIRO :World Book of Records, UK has announced that Ayush Soni of Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India was bestowed with International Excellence Award for matchless contribution to the art of paper cutting portraits at the International Excellence Award Ceremony in Cairo, Egypt. In this award ceremony 100 outstanding personalities were felicitated with International Award and exclusive honour of the World Book of Records. Global personalities from 50 countries including USA, UK, Russia, Italy, Denmark, Japan, Romania, France Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, D.R. Congo, Rwanda, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, India, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and others participated in the ceremony.  The Award Ceremony was graced by Mr. Santosh Shukla, President and CEO, World Book of Records, UK, Dr. Suchita Shukla, India, Ms. Corina Sujdea, Romania, Dr. Ezzat Hassan, Egypt, Ms. Nicoleta Hoha, Romania, Dr. Alia ElGmaily, Egypt, Dr. Jitendra Matlani, Dubai and others. The ceremony was conducted by Dr. Tithi Bhalla and the vote of thanks was given by Dr. Rajeev Shrivastav. #WBR

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